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Commercial Cleaning Services in Houston, TX

Commercial Cleaning Houston TX

Commercial Cleaning Services in Houston, TX

Keys Building Services excels in commercial cleaning services in Houston and had been providing the best services for a very long time. We understand that when it comes to commercial cleaning houston tx the needs are diverse. Big and small organizations will have different requirements and we aim at fulfilling them all.

Commercial Disinfection Services in Houston

Whether your office or commercial building is a large one or a small one, we have all the tools and equipment to do complete justice to the job. Our Houston commercial janitorial service is a renowned one and you will face no inconvenience with us. Our team is also well-versed in commercial disinfection services in Houston, making your office building a hygienic place to work in.

Professional Janitorial Services in Houston TX

We have been in the business for many years and have a strong base of satisfied clientele. If you are looking for professional janitorial service of Houston then there is no need to look further away than Keys Building Services. Give us a call and get a quote based on your individual needs.

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Request a quote today, and we will provide you with professional Janitorial services & office cleaning Services in Houston TX!

No one likes an office which is completely in a mess or is very untidy! But, do you have the time to personally clean it? Why not transfer this task to KBS Cleaning?

Keys Building Services has gained an excellent reputation in Houston, TX for its quality commercial cleaning services. Be it Janitorial services, office cleaning or business cleaning services, you can rely on our experts to do the job for you with sheer perfection. Once you utilize our commercial cleaning Houston TX, you will realise that we not only meet your expectations but even exceed them.

Our results are a proof of our hard work, integrity and commitment to honesty. Experts at KBS Cleaning know that a business is successful only if the workplace is kept clean and hence, they put in their 100 percent to give you that shining and fresh office.

Moreover all our services such as floor care, routine janitorial cleaning or carpet cleaning are offered pocket-friendly prices.

Guidelines For Service

General Offices

  • Trash collection
    • Gather waste, and remove to designated storage area.
    • Remove only what is in waste receptacles, or otherwise clearly marked as waste, trash etc.
    • Damp wipes receptacles as needed.
    • Keep wastebaskets free of dust, debris, or residue.
    • Replace plastic liners as required.
    • Recyclable papers are to be collected, and removed as instructed by customer.
  • Ashtrays and sand urns
    • Empty, wash, and polish all ashtrays.
    • Remove cigarette butts, matches, and other materials from the receptacles.
    • Wipe ashtray free of dust, ashes, odor, tar, and streaks.
    • Replace sand, or strain sand urns as necessary
  • Hard surface floors
    • Sweep / Vacuum all hard surface floor surfaces.
    • Keep all areas free of trash, and foreign matter.
    • Remove dust from corners, behind radiators, under furniture, doors and where sweeping or vacuuming can reach.
    • Damp mop floor area.
    • Keep walls, baseboards, and other surfaces free of splashes.
    • Spot clean spillage, gum, heel marks etc. from floors.
  • Carpet Spotting and Upholstery Cleaning
    • Upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning and spotting will be done upon request at an additional charge.
  • Carpet Vacuuming
    • Vacuum all carpeted areas.
    • Check, and clean edges and corners.
    • Remove staples, if possible (Does not include handpicking staples from carpet.)
  • Telephones, horizontal surfaces, desk accessories, and papers
    • Dust telephones, desks, cabinet files, window ledges, and desk accessories as needed.
    • Do not disturb paperwork on desks.
    • Clean and disinfect telephones and computer key boards as determined in Spec. Chart
  • Common Area Dust and soil removal
    • Remove dust, soil, water stains, spots, streaks, and smudges from desktops as needed. (Do Not Disturb Paperwork)
    • Remove dust from corners, crevices, moldings, and ledges. Dust ledges, sills, and flat surfaces to six feet.
    • Keep desk tops and horizontal surfaces of counters, credenzas, and file cabinets free of dust and spills.
    • Keep glass desk tops free of soil, dust, streaks, and spots.
    • Keep railings, ledges, grills, fire apparatus, and doors dusted.
    • Damp wipe hand marks, smudges, soil, dust, and spots from walls when seen (if removal is possible).
    • Deep detail dusting will be done upon request, at an extra charge such as removing knick-knacks from shelves, and cleaning items, and polishing shelves.
  • Furniture
    • Dust, or spot wipe chairs, including legs to remove soil, dust and fingerprints as needed.
    • Do not disturb papers on furniture (unless magazines, then adjust for neatness).
  • Entry Glass
    • Clean front door glass inside, and out as needed each time.
  • Doors, pictures, door frames and thresholds
    • Spot clean doors, and door frames as needed.
    • Dust pictures, and door jams as needed (normally once a month)
  • Walls and switch plates
    • Spot clean walls, and switch plates as needed.
  • Drinking fountains
    • Clean and sanitize drinking fountains.
    • Remove dust, and debris.
    • Remove encrustation from nozzle.
    • Keep porcelain, metal, and stainless steel surfaces clean.
    • Clean and polish spots, and streaks.
  • Lights, blinds, and drapes
    • Leave on only designated lights
    • Leave Venetian blinds, and drapes in uniform order (Down and closed unless otherwise specified)
  • Restrooms and Showers
    • Empty all trash receptacles, and replace liners as required.
    • Dust ceiling vents, light fixtures, and perform all high dusting.
    • Clean, disinfect and polish sinks, counter tops, and mirrors.
    • Clean, disinfect and polish fixtures, faucets, rails, and dispensers.
    • Clean and disinfect toilets, and urinals inside and out.
    • Spot clean all tile walls, and partitions with disinfectant cleaner.
    • Refill, clean, and disinfect outside of all paper goods and soap dispensers.
    • Sweep and damp mop floors with disinfectant cleaner.
    • Spray and wipe all visible soiled areas in showers with disinfectant cleaner.
  • Kitchen, Lunchroom and Coffee Areas
    • Counter tops and tables will be spot cleaned
    • Vending machines will be spot cleaned
    • Trash containers will be emptied and take to designated area
    • Exterior of containers will be spot cleaned
    • Floors will be swept or vacuumed and wet mop
    • Microwave will be cleaned inside and out
    • Refrigerator exterior will be damp wipe

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